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April - June, 2010

Volume 12, Issue 2

Galilean plane with commutative and nonlinear geometry
Dolgarew A. I., Dolgarew I. A.

Galilean distance between two points on the plane with nonlinear geometry is introduced. A specified physical interpretation of such a plane is indicated. The curvature of regular curves is defined and it is proved that the curvature function determines uniquely the curve under consideration.

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Homomorphisms of algebras of locally measurable operators
Zakirov B. S.

Involutive homomorphisms of   -algebras of locally measurable operators affiliated with von Neumann algebra are considered. Connections between properties of completely additivity, normality and continuity of an involutive homomorphism are established.

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On the right inverse operators which are defined by Eidelheit sequences
Ivanova . ., Melikhov S. N.

In this article we prove criterion and separately sufficient conditions under which the operator which is defined by Eidelheit sequence has or has not continuous linear right inverse. Also we apply the obtained results for solution of the problem of topologically complementability of ideals in algebras of holomorphic functions.

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Tetrational as special function
Kouznetsov D.

Holomorphic tetrational (superexponential) to the base e   and its inverse function (arctetrational) are approximated with elementary functions.

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On the solvability of a boundary value problem for quasi-linear system equations of mixed and composite type in a multidimensional domain
Nurmamedov M. A.

Quasi-linear system of mixed-composite type with changing time direction in multidimensional domain is studied. The existence and uniqueness of generalized and regular solutions of boundary value problem are proved in weighted Sobolev space.

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Solution of Moufang problems
Khubezty I. A.

Solutions of the following two Moufang problems are present:
1) Does D 9   have a projective algebraic equivalent?
2) Are D 9   and D 10   projectively equivalent in a plane of characteristics 2?

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Eleev Valery Abdurahmanovich
(on his 70's anniversary)

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Ershov Yurii Leonidovich
(on his 70's anniversary)

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Melikhov Sergey Nikolaevich
(on his 50's anniversary)

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Talent and tradition
(the 75th anniversary of V. M. Tikhomirov)

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This is a short obituary of Vladimir Igorevich Arnold (12.06.1937-3.06.2010).

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