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October - December, 2011

Volume 13, Issue 4

Exponential-polynomial basis for null spaces of convolution operators in classes of ultradifferentiable functions
Abanina D. A.

We consider a homogeneous convolution equation in the Beurling class of ultradifferentiable functions of mean type on the interval. It is obtained that in the space of its solutions there is an exponential-polynomial basis.

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On coefficients of exponential series for analytic functions of polynomial growth
Varziev V. A., Melikhov S. N.

In this article a criterion is obtained that the operator of the representation of analytic functions on a bounded convex domain G of polynomial growth near the boundary of G   by exponential series, exponents of which are zeroes of a special entire function, has a continuous linear right inverse.

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On extension of regular homogeneous orthogonally additive polynomials
Kusraeva Z. A.

The existence of a simultaneous extension operator for regular orthogonally additive homogeneous polynomials in vector lattice is established. A characterization of extreme extensions is also given.

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2-groups with given properties of finite subgroups
Lytkina D.V.

A local finiteness is proved of 2-groups, all of whose finite subgroups (a) are nilpotent of class 2 or (b) belong to a variety defined by the law [x,y] 2 =1 . Besides, it is proved that the order of the derived subgroup of a 2-group G   is at most 2 if the order of every conjugacy class of every finite subgroup of G   is at most 2.

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A non-classical formula for integration by parts related to goursat problem for a pseudoparabolic equation
Mamedov I. G.

A formula for integration by parts of non-classical type is derived and an application to Goursat problem for the pseudoparabolic equation with non-smooth coefficients and with dominated derivatives of fourth order is find.

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On an approach to solution of J. W. Fickett's problem on overlapping congruent polygons
Nikonorov Yu. G., Nikonorova Yu. V.

A general approach to J. W. Fickett's problem on overlapping congruent convex polygons on Euclidean plane is considered in details.

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The existence of transitions between stationary regimes of the flow problemr
Sazonov L. I.

We consider the Navier-Stokes equations in exterior domain and prove the existence of the unsteady solutions that link two steady flows. The steady flows are assumed to be stable and closed enough.

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Letter to the editor
Korobeinik Yu.F.

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