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July - September, 2011

Volume 13, Issue 3

On half conformally flat 4-dimensional Lie groups
Gladunova O. P., Rodionov E. D., Slavskii V. V.

Classification of half conformally flat Lie algebras of real four-dimensional Lie groups with left-invariant Riemannian metrics is given.

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Cyclic subgroups of second degree full linear group over a field of the zero characteristic
Zhemuhova M. Z., Pachev U. M.

A description of cyclic subgroups in a full linear group G L 2 (F)   over any zero characteristic field F   is given.

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The asimptotics of a periodical solution of differential equation with great high-frequency terms
Ishmeev M. R.

The full asimptotics of a periodical solution for the systems of non-linear differential equations, containing terms proportional to a degrees of frequency is constructed.

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Closed pairs
Koibaev V. A.

This is a study of closed pairs of abelian groups (closed elementary nets of degree 2). If the elementary group E(σ)   does not contain new elementary transvections, then an elementary net σ   (the net without the diagonal) is called closed. Closed pairs we construct from the subgroup of a polynomial ring. Let R 1 [x]   - the ring of polynomials (of variable x   with coefficients in a domain R ) with zero constant term. We prove the following result.
Theorem. Let A, B - additive subgroups of R 1 [x]  . Then the pair (A,B)   is closed. In other words, if t 12 (β)   or t 21 (α)   is contained in subgroup t 21 (A), t 12 (B) , then βB , αA .

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On existence of the solution of parabolic problem on the graph with a boundary conditions, containing derivatives on time
Kulaev R. Ch.

The mixed problem for the parabolic equation set on geometrical graph, with boundary conditions containing a derivative on time is considered. The theorem of existence of the solution of the boundary problem giving representation of the solution in the form of circuit integral is established.

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On representations of yangian of Lie superalgebra sl(1,2)
Stukopin V. A.

The finite-dimensional irreducible representations of Yangian of Lie Superalgebra sl(1,2) . The necessary and sufficiently conditions of irreducibility of finite-dimensional representations are formulated and proved.

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Maharam extension of a positive orthosymmetric bilinear operator
Tasoev B. B.

Maharam extension of a positive orthosymmetric bilinear operator in vector lattices is constructed.

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Valentin Vasil'evich Napalkov
(on his 70's anniversary)

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