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Jule-September, 2000

Volume 2, Issue 3

Exceptional Sets for the Solutions to the Equations of a Parabolic Type in Weighted Space
M. S. Alborova (Vladikavlaz)
UDC 517.5+517.9

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

Estimates in the Laws of Large Numbers for Regular Summation Methods
F. Kh. Doev (Vladikavkaz)
UDC 511.3

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

Mathematical Modeling of Transients at Selective Water-Taking From a Stratified Reservoir
I. D. Muzaev, J. D. Tuaeva (Vladikavkaz)
UDC 532(075.8)

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

To a Problem of Quadratures of High Exactitude with Application to the Method of Discrete Curls
D. G. Sanikidze, Sh. S. Khubezhty
UDC 519.64

Article (eng.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

Variation of the Nonlinear Temperature Field Connected with the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity
T. Z. Chochiev (Tskhinval)
UDC 539.337

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

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