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April-June, 2001

Volume 3, Issue 2

Strokes of the Biography of A. D. Alexandrov
S. S. Kutateladze (Novosibirsk)

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

Flowing over a Backward-Facing Step with a Cavity
Kamenetsky E. S. (Vladikavkaz)
UDC 532.526

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

On the Best Rational Approximations to Transcendental Numbers φ(x)*ex
B. G. Tasoev (Tskhinval)
UDC 511.3

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

A One-Dimensional Model of Surface Gravitational Waves in a Mountain Reservoir
J. D. Tuaeva (Vladikavkaz)
UDC 532(075.8)

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

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