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January-March, 2002

Volume 4, Issue 1

Issue is dedicated to 90th anniversary of Academician Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich

About the Scientific, Pedagogical, and Social Activities of L. V. Kantorovich
S. S. Kutateladze, V. L. Makarov, J. V. Romanovsky, and G. Sh. Rubinshtein (Novosibirsk)

Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich (1912-1986)

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

Superposition Operators in Lebesgue Spaces and Differentiability of Quasiadditive Set Functions
S. K. Vodop'yanov and I. D. Ukhlov (Novosibirsk)
UDC 517.518.1

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

Functional Representation of Kantorovich Spaces
A. E. Gutman and D. B. Ryabko (Novosibirsk)
UDC 517.98

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

Reals and Kantorovich Spaces
A. G. Kusraev and S. S. Kutateladze (Vladikavkaz; Novosibirsk)
UDC 517.98

Article (rus.) - [pdf] [zip-pdf]

The Hahn–Banach–Kantorovich Formula for a lattice subdifferential
V. A. Radnaev (Novosibirsk)
UDC 517.98

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